Visitor's Corner

Visitors Guideline

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There are following rules visitors requested to obey:
  • We will offer the pass to every visitor and they have to have this pass every time with them. Our front staff will arrange a pass for you so need to contact to our front staff at reception.
  • There will a limitation of number of visitors at a time during visiting hours to provide our patients non-disturbed environment.
  • We allow visitors to meet to patients according to their medical conditions. If it will be required not to allow visiting the patient we will not allow visitors to meet to them.
  • We will not allow children to go to patients floor to keep away them from infections.
  • Outside food will not be permitted in in-patients area.
  • Gift or flowers will not be allowed in in-patients area.
  • You need to be kept and maintained maximum possible silence in in-patients area.
  • Any time any doctor or nursing staff may ask you to leave the patients area then that you have to obey.
  • No Smoking Policy visitors have to follow in hospital premises.