IAS Medicare Health Checkup

Health Checkup Instructions

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  • Patient should carry all their previous medical records and reports.
  • Those patients who are suffering with diabetes they have to follow some guideline including a) Do not take your diabetic medication like tablets and injections in the morning, b) They have to carry their diabetic medication like tablets and injections because these medications will be needed before and after breakfast in our hospital, c) Patients should also carry other regular medications with them. So all these medications you have to carry with you when you will come to hospital for checkup.
  • Patients should wear loose clothing it will be best for them
  • If you are looking for any type of health check-ups then you will have to book an appointment with us
  • To book the appointment with us you will have to come to our hospital to front office staff at the reception
  • Patients need to have fasting minimum 12 hours prior to the checkup only water in-take is allowed
  • Patients are also requested not to take any liquor 12 hours prior to health checkup
  • Patients should remove their lenses prior three days to health checkup
  • Men should shave their chest for health checkups to get super quality ECG testing
  • Patients who are coming for health checkup they are requested not to wear any jewelry